Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms carefully before accessing or using the services. By reading and agreeing to this, Diners and Chefs accept the terms and conditions set out below by ikisho, as this will establish a contractual relationship between ikisho and the Diner, and ikisho and the Chef.


"Booking Services" means the services set out in paragraph 3, which will be provided to all Diners of this service with ikisho acting as the intermediary between the Chef and the diner.

"Chef" means the provider to the "Diner" of cooking services, and the person who is licensed to carry out the cooking services in accordance with the Cooking Regulations set out below.

"Cooking Services" means the services set out in paragraph 4, which will be provided to the Diner of these services through the Chef.

"ikisho" shall mean EHO LIMITED, a private limited liability company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 9965360, whose registered office is 37 Waterloo Road, London NW2 7TS.

"Website" shall mean ikisho.com.


Upon the acceptance of Cooking Services, Chefs provide certain services to the Diner ("Cooking Services"). These include:

  • Preparing the dishes, cutlery, cook ware and any ingredients necessary to exercise and fulfil the Cooking Contract between the Diner and Chef;
  • Research and ensure sufficient travelling time to avoid lateness to the Booking;
  • Making sure that the Diner is able to give permission to the Chef to use facilities at the home or venue where the service is to take place (e.g. that the Diner owns the dishes, oven and other equipment) in order to exercise and fulfil the Cooking Contract made between the Diner and the Chef;
  • Checking whether an assistant/s is required to exercise and fulfil the Cooking Contract made between the Diner and the Chef;
  • Making sure that the Chef complies with all necessary law/regulations such as food and hygiene, and health and safety.

The conditions below are also attached to the Cooking Services:

  • Once the booking is paid for, ikisho will allocate an available Chef suitable for the menu. In the event that a Chef is not able to execute the Cooking Services chosen by the Diner, ikisho will refund the full price to the Diner.


The use of the website is provided by ikisho to the Diner free of charge. Payment of the total price is required by the Diner in order to secure the booking. Diners are able to request any amendments to the booking details, including the date, the time and the number of guests. In the event of a cancellation by the Diner, a full refund will be made if it is more than 14 days before the event, 50% refund if the cancellation is more than 7 days before the event, and 0% refund if cancellation is less than 7 days before the event. In the case of dissatisfaction with the Cooking Services provided by ikisho, after a thorough review and assessment of reasonability, ikisho may make a refund to the Diner up to the full amount.


  • Insurance and indemnity

All Cooking Services booked through the website are covered by Product Liability and Public Liability insurance set by ikisho for maximum coverage of £5,000,000 with an excess of £500 (ikisho or Chef will be liable depending on the circumstances). Any undeclared change in circumstances, such as a change in the number of guests, a change of date, or a change in any details to any other Cooking Services agreed under the Cooking Contract may result in invalidating the insurance. In the event of a Chef not arriving for a booked Cooking Contract, ikisho will endeavour to find alternative Chef/Chefs. Failing that, ikisho shall refund the full Cooking Service cost to the Diner.

  • Employment

Under no circumstances will ikisho engage in an employment contract with a Chef. Chefs may not act or behave as if employed by ikisho.

  • Discount Codes

ikisho may offer discounts which will be provided either as a percentage or a specific sum of money. Conditions may be applied to discount codes and are at the sole discretion of ikisho. These can be, but are not limited to, the following: expiry dates, repeat/single usage, minimum spend requirement, tithed to specific Diners. Discount codes have no cash value, cannot be refunded and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

  • Ownership

The services and all rights therein are and shall remain ikisho's property. These terms do not grant any rights to the Diner to use or refer to ikisho's company names, logos, product and service names, trademarks or service marks in any manner.


To the extent that the law applies, ikisho will not be liable to the Diner or to the Chef in respect of any acts or omissions of ikisho's representatives. Whether such liability arises in any form of content (breach of statutory duty, negligence and misrepresentation), these terms and conditions will limit or exclude ikisho's liability to the Diner and to the Chef for injury or death caused directly by ikisho's negligence. Diners must agree to indemnify and hold harmless from any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, and expenses arising out of or in connection with: (i) use of the services; (ii) breach or violation of any of these terms. The Chefs are responsible for their own Tax and VAT affairs for the earnings they make from ikisho.


ikisho may terminate these terms or any services at any time for any reason. ikisho will provide the Diner and the Chef involved in such termination of services with 24 hours notification. However, ikisho reserves the right to terminate these terms or any services without notice if: (i) The Diner is in breach of these terms; (ii) it is impractical to give such notice under the circumstances; or (iii) in ikisho's opinion, any delay in such termination would expose ikisho or a third party to significant risk of harm or damage. ikisho may amend the terms relating to the services from time to time. Amendments will be effective upon ikisho's posting of such updated terms. A Diner's continued access or use of the services after such a posting constitutes the Diner's consent to be bound by the terms, as amended.


The Diner agrees that the entire risk arising out of use of our services remain solely with the Diner, to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law.