Our Story


ikisho is a team of Japanese culinary experts, passionate to bring Japan and the 'omotenashi' culture to your dining room. We serve sushi like in a traditional sushi restaurant in Japan - bespoke, interactive and live.
An ikisho experience starts with us understanding your preferences and needs. Our 'itamae' master sushi chefs will then design and serve a tailor-made menu that can be likened to an artistic expression, while a sake expert selects the perfect brew to accompany each dish. The ikisho experience embodies our 'omotenashi' spirit with sensitivity, flexibility and knowledge, making sure everyone is taken care of throughout the meal.

Founder, Tetsuro Hama

Tetsuro Hama, the founder and brains behind ikisho was born Nagano, Japan in 1948. He always had an industrious and adventurous spirit and had his heart set on travelling as soon as he finished his degree. Being driven and determined, Tetsuro managed to scrape together the money to buy a ticket for the Trans-Siberian Express - a gruelling journey (two weeks spanning the breadth of Asia and Europe) reaching London in October 1971.

"When I arrived, there were only four or five Japanese restaurants in London so I thought there might be a business opportunity for a casual-style Japanese restaurant that wouldn't cost a fortune" Following a daring proposition, the owner of a Bayswater hotel agreed with Tetsuro that an on-site restaurant would bring in more business for the hotel; "and that is how I started my first business here in London" smiles Tetsuro.

Since those lean early days, Tetsuro has gone from strength to strength, bringing his drive, enthusiasm and integrity to other companies as well as contributing to the British economy: Hama - that first restaurant in Bayswater; San-Taiyo Ltd - a company for trading between the United Kingdom and Japan; JEM (Japan & Europe Motors, the first Japanese motor dealer in Britain); JEMCA Plc, the first Japanese-owned Toyota dealership in the UK - formed in 1991 and went on to win several awards and in 1993 Tetsuro was selected as an inaugural member of the Toyota Presidents Club, an honour awarded to large-volume dealers only; So Restaurant in Picadilly - opened in 2003; Sozai Japanese Cooking School - set up in east London in 2013; The Japanese Culinary Academy - Tetsuro helped set it up in 2015 and is chairman; eho chef - an e-platform private chef service; and now ikisho.

EHO LIMITED trading as ikisho
Unit 3 Hyde Estate Road, London, NW9 6JX
Tel: 0207 112 9365
Company registration number: 09965360