Bespoke 'Live Omakase Sushi Experience' by an ikisho sushi chef with sake connoisseur
sample menu
Total price of sample menu is £3000 for eight people including host, sake connoisseur and sake.
ikisho sushi experiences start at £200 per person.
The Japanese word 'omakase' translates to 'leave it to you' - describing a menu that is designed by the 'itamae' chef with the highest quality 'shun' ingredients available on the day, using methods to prepare that will best enhance their natural flavours. Oftentimes this means that in the finest sushi restaurants in Japan, the price will not be clear until the final bill - but an innovative and surprising selection of dishes can be expected, and the meal can be likened to an artistic performance by the chef.
The Japanese word 'shun' means 'seasonal', and refers to the moment when the produce is at their most nutritious and at the peak of their tastiness - a testament to the Japanese sensitivity to interchanging seasons and our passion for the rich produce they bring. Seasonal foods not only taste great and are enriching, but they are also gentle to the environment as it can prevent over-harvesting and save on food miles. Inter-continental trading has increased so much that shops are able to sell everything all year round and the sense of 'shun' can easily be forgotten but we like to delve into pockets of history and learn and practise gentle and harmonious ways of being.